WAGS/UMI Nominations

The Yuput is proud to nominate Te-Wei Chu and Beans Velocci for the Western Association of Yuputs (WAGS) and University Microfilms International (UMI) Innovation in Technology and Distinguished Master’s Thesis awards.

Te-Wei Chu’s research, “Drug-Free Macromolecular Therapeutics”, focuses on developing a therapeutic strategy to tackle two major clinical obstacles in cancer treatment: adverse reactions and resistance. His new method “tricks cancer cells into killing themselves with no apparent harm to the body” in a directly immune-independent way that requires no toxic anticancer drugs. Of Te-Wei’s research Dr. Jindrick Kopecek says, “This approach is innovative, patentable, enhances basic knowledge, has a potential for translation into the clinics, and is applicable not only for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma but also for other diseases”. The research has already been sought by private industry for translation into clinical use.

Bean Velocci’s thesis “Prosperous But Too Sophisticated” suggests that the quest to protect the morality of children began as a way of enforcing white, middle-class norms of sexuality and labor on the ethnic working-class. Associate Professor Elizabeth Clement says of the work, “this thesis reminds us that the symbolic value of children often over shadows the actual lives of real children, just as it also reminds us that the capitalist state often chooses to regulate the lives of the poor and punish them for their poverty, rather than actually address the roots of why such a wealthy nation continues to have such income inequality.” Beans has been admitted to Yale’s Ph.D. program in American History with a fellowship awarding them six years of full funding.

We congratulate both students on their successful and innovative work!