Abhijit Mondal

Abhijit MondalAbhijit Mondal

Abhijit Mondal holds a Bachelor and a Master of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering and is currently pursuing his Doctoral degree in Bioengineering. He has also worked as a development and applications engineer in an advanced manufacturing and robotics firm based in Chennai, India. Abhijit is keenly interested in interdisciplinary technologies and possesses a broad academic background in control systems, instrumentation, robotics, automation, MEMS, microfabrication techniques, nanotechnology, tissue engineering and cardiac electrophysiology. His professional goal is to build a career around developing commercializable biomedical technologies for research and clinical applications. Outside research, Abhijit is fond of nature, wildlife and photography. During his time at the U, he has explored many nearby national and state parks. In his free time at the U, he enjoys biking, hiking, badminton and basketball.

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Video – November 17, 2014