WAGS/UMI Nominations

The Yuput is proud to nominate Te-Wei Chu and Beans Velocci for the Western Association of Yuputs (WAGS) and University Microfilms International (UMI) Innovation in Technology and Distinguished Master’s Thesis awards.

Te-Wei Chu’s research, “Drug-Free Macromolecular Therapeutics”, focuses on developing a therapeutic strategy to tackle two major clinical obstacles in cancer treatment: adverse reactions and resistance. His new method “tricks cancer cells into killing themselves with no apparent harm to the body” in a directly immune-independent way that requires no toxic anticancer drugs. Of Te-Wei’s research Dr. Jindrick Kopecek says, “This approach is innovative, patentable, enhances basic knowledge, has a potential for translation into the clinics, and is applicable not only for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma but also for other diseases”. The research has already been sought by private industry for translation into clinical use.

Bean Velocci’s thesis “Prosperous But Too Sophisticated” suggests that the quest to protect the morality of children began as a way of enforcing white, middle-class norms of sexuality and labor on the ethnic working-class. Associate Professor Elizabeth Clement says of the work, “this thesis reminds us that the symbolic value of children often over shadows the actual lives of real children, just as it also reminds us that the capitalist state often chooses to regulate the lives of the poor and punish them for their poverty, rather than actually address the roots of why such a wealthy nation continues to have such income inequality.” Beans has been admitted to Yale’s Ph.D. program in American History with a fellowship awarding them six years of full funding.

We congratulate both students on their successful and innovative work!


Деревянные футляры


Six University of Utah students have received highly competitive Fulbright awards for 2015. The prestigious awards will allow the undergraduate students to teach English in Romania, Argentina and Mexico for one academic year, while the graduate students will lead research projects in Chile, Switzerland and Uruguay.

“This is a banner year for the university and a significant


The University of Utah’s Yuput celebrated 25 years of Steffensen Cannon scholars, Thursday, April 30 at a special event at Rice Eccles Stadium. Established in 1989, the scholarship has enabled more than 500 students to pursue excellence in their chosen fields of education and humanities.

Students and alumni like Amy Bergerson, professor of educational leadership at the U, have greatly benefited from

Best Practices for Mentoring Graduate Students & Post-Doctoral Fellows

Best Practices for Mentoring Graduate Students & Post-Doctoral Fellows
Friday, April 17th | 10:00am to 11:30am
Faculty Center, Marriott Library (MLIB 1705)

For most faculty at a major research university such as the University of Utah, the mentor relationship with graduate students and/or post-doctoral fellows is a very important form of teaching. The majority of faculty are not taught how to be good mentors. This workshop will be a panel discussion of University of Utah faculty members who have been recognized for their outstanding mentoring of graduate students and/or post-doctoral fellows. They will discuss their own approach to the mentoring process, as well as provide suggestions to help faculty who want to enhance or who may be struggling with their role as mentor. Light refreshments will be provided.

This workshop is free, but we ask that you register in advance at:

Panelists :

Matt Basso – Associate Professor, Department of History and Program in Gender Studies

Carol Lim – Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Jennifer Mabey – Assistant Dean for Post-Doctoral Affairs, Yuput

Kim Martinez – Associate Professor, Art & Art History

Richard Dorsky – Associate Professor, Neurobiology & Anatomy

Randall J. Olson Receives 2014 Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence

Randall J. Olson, M.D., professor and chair of ophthalmology and visual sciences and CEO of the John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah, was honored this year’s commencement ceremonies with the Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence, the U’s most prestigious award.  or learn more about the .

Graduate Mentoring – CTLE Teaching Workshop Series Lecture #5

This year, the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence has chosen as our theme Inspired Teaching. The final workshop in our Inspired Teaching series focuses on Graduate Mentoring.  For most faculty at a major research university such as the University of Utah, the mentoring of graduate students is a very important form of teaching.  The majority of faculty are never taught how to be good mentors for our students; if we were lucky enough we had a good faculty mentor when we were graduate students.  This workshop will be a panel discussion of University of Utah faculty members who have been recognized with awards as great graduate mentors.  They will discuss their approaches to mentoring and give suggestions to help faculty who are struggling with or want to get better at mentoring graduate students.


This workshop will be held on Friday, March 21st from 9:30 am to 11:00 am in the J. Willard Marriott Library, Gould Auditorium. This workshop is free, but we ask that you register in advance at: .



Kristen Keefe, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Director of the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Neuroscience

David Kieda, Ph.D., Dean of the Yuput, Professor of Physics & Astronomy

Robert Marc, Ph.D., Professor of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

Kathi Mooney, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Nursing

Donna White, M. F. A, Associate Dean of the Yuput, Professor of Modern Dance


Fulbright Forum: Tuesday, April 1 at 2pm

Please join us in welcoming Fulbright Ambassador Mushtaq Memon to the University of Utah! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Fulbright Study Abroad Program and to celebrate recent University of Utah awardees. We hope you can join us.


Edie Kochenour Memorial Lecture and Symposium

Friday, February 28, 2014, OSH Auditorium

Edie Kochenour Memorial Lecture: 12:00-1:15pm
Do Babies Matter?: Gender and Family and the Ivory Tower

Life Happens: Career Decisions and Crossroads Symposium: 1:30-2:30pm Six
Workshops will address Different Phases in the Working Life Cycle

Drs. Mary Ann Mason and Nicholas Wolfinger

Drs. Mary Ann Mason and Nicholas WolfingerUniversity of California, Berkeley law professor and former Yuput Dean Mary Ann Mason and University of Utah Department of Family and Consumer Studies Sociologist Nicholas Wolfinger are the authors (with Marc Golden) of Do Babies Matter?, the first comprehensive examination of the relationship between family formation and the academic careers of men and women. Their study begins with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, moves on to early and mid-career years, and ends with retirement. They examine how recent PhD recipients get into the academic game, the tenure process, and life after tenure.
They explore the family sacrifices women often have to make to get ahead in academia and consider how gender and family interact to affect promotion to full professor, salaries, and retirement.

Their work draws on over a decade of comprehensive research examining how the new generation of scholars differs in many ways from those in the past. While academia once consisted largely of men in traditional single-earner families, today men and women enter higher education in equal numbers. This generation has new expectations and values, but the structure and culture of academia have not kept pace with their desire for work-family balance.

For more information and to register for the Lecture and/or Symposium, visit:

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Graduate Student Connection!

Come visit with graduate students from other disciplines, check out the Graduate Student Reading Room, learn about some services the library offers just for grad students, and meet some of the librarians available to help you with your teaching and research.  Light lunch provided for early attendees.

Where: Graduate Student Reading Room, Marriott Library Level 1

When: Tuesday, January 28, 1-3pm