Bachelor’s graduates: Apply today for a research opportunity at the USDA’s National Animal Disease Center

A post-bachelor’s research opportunity in virology is available with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) National Animal Disease Center (NADC) Virus and Prion Research Unit (VPRU) in Ames, Iowa. Scientists in this unit maintain a comprehensive influenza A virus (IAV) research program including investigation of virulence mechanisms, vaccinology, immunology, and virus evolution.

The participant’s overall research activities are to execute technical methods, experimentation and procedures; to conduct laboratory maintenance and safety practices; and to collect, analyze, and maintain physical and electronic data in support of the Intervention Strategies to Control IAV Infection in Swine project plan. The candidate will participate as a team member with the scientist and other laboratory staff in all phases of the research process. Specific goals of this project are to assess contemporary circulating IAV strains at genetic and antigenic levels, characterize the phenotypic properties of IAV resulting from genetic evolution and new strain introductions through pathogenesis and transmission studies, and investigate vaccine strategies that will aid in the control of this swine disease.

The appointment is full time for 12 months and may be renewed based upon recommendation of the ARS and availability of funding. The selected applicant will receive a stipend as support for their living and other expenses during this appointment. Stipend rates are determined by ARS officials, and are based on the applicant’s academic and professional background.


The research assignment requires a Bachelor of Science degree with emphasis on the disciplines of virology, immunology, and molecular biology and additional knowledge of research and laboratory techniques. Experience and understanding in virology and molecular biology techniques and the use of animal models for disease are preferred.

The participant should be skilled in the performance of biologic laboratory assays, especially virologic and molecular techniques, the use of animal models in influenza research, cloning, sequencing, sequence analysis, cell culture, serologic assays, immunologic assays, technical writing and peer-reviewed publications, public speaking, and possess good interpersonal skills to work in a team environment.


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