Membership Roster

Membership 2018-2019

Council Member College Email
James Agutter Architecture + Planning [email protected]
Arul Mishra Business [email protected]
Rena D’Souza Dentistry [email protected]
Robert Zheng Education [email protected]
Douglas Christensen Engineering [email protected]
Satu Hummasti Fine Arts [email protected]
Robert Kraemer Health [email protected]
Jonah Schupbach Humanities [email protected]
Melissa Bernstein Law [email protected]
Tallie Casucci Libraries [email protected]
Anthea Letsou Medicine [email protected]
Jeffrey Moore Mines Earth Sci [email protected]
Kristin Cloyes Nursing [email protected]
Christopher Reilly Pharmacy [email protected]
David Blair Science [email protected]
Wade Cole Soc Behav Sci [email protected]
Joanna Bettmann Schaefer Social Work [email protected]
Devon Cantwell Graduate Student Representative [email protected]
Rebecca Hardenbrook Graduate Student Representative [email protected]
Whitney Louder Undergraduate Student Representative [email protected]
Ex Officio Member Department Email
David Kieda, Dean The Yuput [email protected]
Katharine Ullman, Associate Dean The Yuput [email protected]
Ann Darling, Assistant Vice President Undergraduate Studies [email protected]