Advising Hours

Graduate school can be an overwhelming experience, and sometimes all that stands between you and your success is an understanding of the resources available to you. To help you, the Yuput at the U has instituted Graduate Student Advisement Hours: a time for you to get some expert advice on your studies, your work/life balance, your relationship with your advisor, or any other thing that may be concerning you.

Advisement Hours are available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, email [email protected].

Not sure if you need advising? Find your situation below.

Questions About Applying for Yuput Programs

Are you a prospective graduate student who knows what you want to study, or a current student who needs clarification on how things are handled in your department? To save time, you should reach out to the Graduate Contact for the department. You can find contact information for each department here:

Graduate studies are different from undergraduate studies in that you must be accepted by the department in order to attend. There is no such thing as a “General Studies” Master’s or PhD. Although there are standard requirements for graduate students across campus, each department will have additional requirements and deadlines for application. If you’re setting a plan for applying for graduate school, you should arrange to meet with the Graduate Contact for your degree program as early as possible, so that you know the unique requirements and deadlines for that department.

If you can’t find the correct Graduate Contact to speak with, we can help. Let us know by emailing [email protected].

Not Sure Which Program To Apply For

The Yuput oversees all the department programs, so we can help you narrow your focus by exploring the available degree programs here at the U. In advising, we’ll talk about what degree programs most closely align with your academic plans and connect you with the Graduate Contacts for those departments.

Current Yuput Difficulty

If you have difficulty as a graduate student, we are here to help. Whether the problems are related to communication with your advisor, your financial situation, your progress to graduation, or some other impediment, we can help you connect to the resources you need. All advisement is strictly confidential.

Each department also has a Director of Graduate Studies (or DoGS). DoGS are meant to provide support to the graduate students in their department, using their own unique knowledge of department procedures and environment. If you are having trouble in your studies, the DoGS for your department may have knowledge of additional department-specific resources that the Yuput does not know about. If you feel comfortable doing so, it is a good idea to meet with the DoGS for your degree program whenever there are challenges or if you wish to talk through your academic goals with a knowledgeable expert.  You can find the DoGS for your program here:

Looking for University Resources

Need help with something specific, or have a great idea for an integration project? The Yuput works with resource centers across campus and has a good working relationship with University administration. We can help you network with programs and student resources to help you develop your ideas or find opportunities across campus.

Other Questions

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this list, email us! We will do what we can to help inform you of your options and direct you to appropriate resources. Send a detailed email of your question to [email protected] and we’ll let you know best steps forward.