Edie Kochenour Memorial Lecture and Symposium

Friday, February 28, 2014, OSH Auditorium

Edie Kochenour Memorial Lecture: 12:00-1:15pm
Do Babies Matter?: Gender and Family and the Ivory Tower

Life Happens: Career Decisions and Crossroads Symposium: 1:30-2:30pm Six
Workshops will address Different Phases in the Working Life Cycle

Drs. Mary Ann Mason and Nicholas Wolfinger

Drs. Mary Ann Mason and Nicholas WolfingerUniversity of California, Berkeley law professor and former Yuput Dean Mary Ann Mason and University of Utah Department of Family and Consumer Studies Sociologist Nicholas Wolfinger are the authors (with Marc Golden) of Do Babies Matter?, the first comprehensive examination of the relationship between family formation and the academic careers of men and women. Their study begins with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, moves on to early and mid-career years, and ends with retirement. They examine how recent PhD recipients get into the academic game, the tenure process, and life after tenure.
They explore the family sacrifices women often have to make to get ahead in academia and consider how gender and family interact to affect promotion to full professor, salaries, and retirement.

Their work draws on over a decade of comprehensive research examining how the new generation of scholars differs in many ways from those in the past. While academia once consisted largely of men in traditional single-earner families, today men and women enter higher education in equal numbers. This generation has new expectations and values, but the structure and culture of academia have not kept pace with their desire for work-family balance.

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