Help Available for Graduate Students During Holiday Stress

Chances are most graduate students are under an enormous amount of pressure right now. End of semester deadlines and holiday stresses are piling up. Add to that the intense fatigue and isolation that sometimes accompany graduate work and it can feel like there’s no way out. If you or anyone you know is feeling anxious or just needs to talk, help is available. 1-800-GRAD-HLP is a national crisis-line staffed by trained counselors who understand your unique pressures and know how to help.

The National Grad Crisis-Line is open over the holidays for you. 800-GRAD-HLP (800.472.3457). Keep this phone number handy. Use it anytime, 24-7. Your life matters.

Let’s be sure that EVERY graduate student knows that help is available when they need it: 800-GRAD-HLP 800.472.3457

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