ITA Clearance Process

What Is The International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP)?

The ITAP is designed to prepare international graduate students who are non-native North American English speakers to take on teaching assistantships, including grading, holding office hours, leading discussion or lab sections, or teaching a class.

In order to receive the benefits of a Graduate Teaching Assistant position, Job Code 9416, ITA Clearance is required.

The candidate must meet two requirements in order to obtain ITA Clearance:

1) ITAP Spoken English Requirement

2) Satisfactory completion of ITA Training

Spoken English Proficiency

The following scores meet the ITAP Spoken English Requirement:

  1. iBT (internet-based TOEFL) Speaking sub-score of 26 or higher;
  2. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Speaking band of 7.0 or higher

Students who have not taken the iBT or the IELTS within the two years before being registered into ITAP, or have not met the ITAP speaking requirement, are given the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency via the SEE (Spoken English Evaluation), a short, internet-based test, which is given by the ITAP on campus. At the current time, there is no charge to the student or the department for this evaluation, however, if the ITAP agreement is not adhered to, the department may be responsible for reimbursing the ITAP for the costs incurred.

If the results of the SEE indicate the need for work on the skills necessary for successful TA work, a class will be required, created and coordinated by the ITAP. Students who are required to take classes as part of their route toward ITA Clearance may be cleared for a limited assignment while taking the class or classes. In this way, they can get full benefits of the assistantship, i.e. tuition benefit and subsidized health insurance. Oversight of the classes by the ITAP assures content appropriate to the needs of graduate students and timing that accommodates their academic schedules.

Registering for ITAP

  • The student’s home department or program submits a request for students who need clearance. Interested students should contact the coordinator in their home department via email. If in doubt as to who your department contact is, write an email to the ITAP Manager.
  • The ITAP will be in touch soon after names are submitted.
  • Use of U Mail is required for receiving and sending email to the ITAP.
  • An agreement must be signed assuring follow-through before registration is official. ITAP resources will not be expended unless the student will follow through on ITA Training. This is especially important if the student takes advantage of the offer of secondary testing when they do not meet the ITAP Spoken English Requirement.

Contact Information

Diane Cotsonas, ITAP Manager, [email protected]