Six Nobel Prizes, Six Utah Stories


The Nobel Prize is awarded each year in six categories: Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Peace and Economics. Each week we will learn about the work honored by a Nobel Prize in a different category and the unique Utah connections to each body of work. The lectures are designed to provide deeper understanding to the general public of the significance and impact of Nobel Laureates contributions to humanity. Lectures will also provide a personal view of the Nobel Laureates personality and life.

Lectures are held on Wednesdays, from 5:15-6:45 pm. They will be held at the in Ft. Douglas.


Day Award Lecturer
March 28 Chemistry Joel Miller
April 4 Physics David Kieda
April 11 Literature Jacqueline Osherow
April 18 Peace Tariq Banuri
April 25 Medicine Ray Gesteland
May 2 Economics Thomas Maloney

Lecturers & Awards

Joel MillerJoel Miller

Presentation: “Scientific & Personal Stories Associated with Several Nobel Laureates: The Human Side”

David KiedaDavid Kieda

Presentation: “Physics Nobel Prize 2002: Raymond Davis, Jr.”

Jacqueline Osherow Jacqueline Osherow
Tariq BanuriTariq Banuri
Ray GestelandRay Gesteland
Thomas MaloneyThomas Maloney

Presentation: “Robert William Fogel”

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