Health & Life Balance Resources

University Resources for Health

The goal of the Center for Student Wellness is to help students have successful academic and personal experiences by encouraging comprehensive wellness. They accomplish this by providing information and resources in the form of health education and advocacy services.

Provides developmental, preventive, and therapeutic services and programs that promote the intellectual, emotional, cultural, and social development of University of Utah students.

Provides training in the development of mindfulness and anxiety-reducing practices.

, the Meditation Space is a room for all students, faculty, and staff for meditation and religious/spiritual observances and not as a lounge, study room, or meeting room. You do not need to reserve the space, it will be open as long as the Union building is open.

University Resources for Recreation

From Intramural Sports to Fitness Classes, we have something for everyone.  There’s no excuse not to get off the couch.  We even have free child care for students while you work out!

Our outdoor equipment rental shop is the largest of its kind in the nation and is open to students, faculty, staff, and the general public. Whether you’re looking for gear to hit the slopes or to adventure in the red rock, we have it. Our selection of equipment comes from some of the best manufacturers in the Outdoor Industry.

Our trips and adventures program takes University of Utah students and their guests to world-renowned landscapes. The University of Utah is within a five-hour drive of over 50 national and state parks, national forests, and recreation areas. The U Campus is also within an hour drive of 11 ski resorts, three of which were ranked in the top 10 ski resorts in North America. Past trips include adventures backcountry skiing, canyoneering, rafting, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, and so much more.

University Resources for Child Care

Our mission is to support and coordinate information, program development and services that enhance family resources as well as the availability, affordability and quality of child care for University students, faculty and staff.

The Marriott Library proudly offers a reading room specifically intended for use by U of U student parents/guardians accompanied by children under the age of 12.

Local Resources for Health

WarmLine: 801-587-1055

This line is for Salt Lake County residents who are not in crisis but are seeking support, engagement, or encouragement. Certified peer specialists offer support and empower callers to resolve problems by fostering a sense of hope, dignity, and self-respect.

Callers may speak with peer specialists daily from 9 am to 10 pm.