University of Utah Students Win Fulbright Awards

2017 Fulbright Award WinnersFour University of Utah students have been named in the nation-wide 2017 Fulbright Award cycle. Two University of Utah students, Alison Shimko of Spanish and graduate student Elizabeth Gamarra of Social Work, were awarded a Fulbright Award, while Claire Taylor of Environmental Humanities and Tuscan Thompson of Biology were named as alternates.

The Fulbright Award is designed to build relationships between the United States and select countries throughout the world. Awardees of the Fulbright are given a full scholarship to an educational semester abroad, where they conduct research in their host countries or teach English.

The University of Utah winners will both travel to Spain, where they will teach English. The mix of academic achievement, ambition, and international outlook that helped them win the Fulbright will now further their own academic endeavors and create opportunities for others. As Gamarra says in her Fulbright application, “I am interested in exploring the impact of self-compassion and mindfulness interventions in classroom settings for confidence enhancement of second language learners. I am interested in gaining a European/Spaniard perspective on the foundational concepts of social work in relation to teaching.” The Fulbright represents a unique opportunity for pedagogical concepts such as these to have immediate real-world applications across cultures.

If they are awarded, Claire Thompson will travel to New Zealand for research and Tuscan Thompson will teach English in South Korea.

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