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Sept 7  | 
Sept 7  |  Grad Student Resource Fair
Sept 10  |  State Registration Census taken – last day for departments to input Tuition Benefit information
Sept 12  | 
Sept 12  |  Thesis Office Formatting Workshop
Sept 13  |  Secrets of the Thesis Office Exposed! What Thesis Editors Want You to Know Workshop
Sept 14  | 
Sept 17-21  | 
Sept 17  | 
Sept 17  | 
Sept 17  |  TBP Signature Report Due
Sept 18  | 
Sept 19  |  Thesis Office Formatting Workshop
Sept 20  |  Your Career is Now: Building Professional Success as a Graduate Student Workshop

Sept 20  | 
Sept 21  | 
Sept 24  |  Graduate Council Meeting
Sept 26  |  Thesis Office Formatting Workshop
Sept 28  | 
Sept 27  |  Director of Graduate Studies (DoGS) Meeting

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Upcoming Special Events


Wednesdays in September
Faculty Center, Marriott Library

During these workshops, a specially designated Thesis Editor will work with students in small groups to identify potential formatting problems with their thesis or dissertation manuscript. Bring your laptop for hands-on help!

Workshops are limited to students using Word.

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Keynote Speech of the Postdoc Appreciation Week
September 17  |  12:00 – 1:00 pm
2110 Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB)

What careers are available to PhDs? Finding out your career potential is an important part of making your plans for future success. Postdocs, graduate students, faculty, and staff are all invited to this special keynote address about finding your passion and pursuing fulfilling careers. Postdocs should be sure to stick around for the going on this day and throughout the week!

September 20  |  10:00 – 11:00 am
Room L126 WEB

Whether you plan to pursue academia or want to keep your options open to other opportunities, the time to start developing yourself professionally is now! Basic professional skills such as networking, interviewing, and negotiation will serve you well, both as a graduate student and as you prepare for job talks, industry, teaching positions, or career interviews.In this workshop, the Graduate Career Coach from the Career and Professional Development Center will discuss the simple actions you can take today to prepare you for your professional future.Whether you’re just starting your studies or nearing graduation, this workshop is an excellent way to build up skills and prepare for your post-graduation goals.

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September 20  |  7:00 – 9:00 pm
Green Pig Pub, Salt Lake City

The Bajau people of Southeast Asia can dive up to 200 feet underwater while holding their breath. But what evolutionary advantages allow them to do this? Join Science on Tap at 7pm on Sept. 20th at the Green Pig Pub where Dr. Melissa Ilardo will discuss how the spleen plays a role in freediving!